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Our product database contains over one million titles sourced from suppliers in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

If your search result returns too many titles, try using more specific search keywords, or filter your search results via the categories on the left hand side of screen.

If your search results return too few, or no titles, try more general keywords. You may also need to try searching by different methods to find the title you are after. For example, if a title search does not return the title you are looking for, try searching by artist, or vice versa.

The quickest way to find an item you are looking for is to use the search form at the top of every page on our website. You can even search by a number of different product attributes, such as music artist, movie actor, or game title.

You can click the ‘Options’ text to the right of the search box to refine your search further, via “All”, “Title”, “Artist”, “Song Title”, “Catalogue Number”, or “Barcode”.

Please note: you can now SORT your search results by either A-Z alphabetical, release date or by price.
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This is our default search. It will return a page listing the types of products that satisfy the search terms. Once the results have listed, simply click on the drop down box to select the correct format.
eg if you are searching for all Madonna movies - type in Madonna search all and then select DVD Title from drop-down box and all Madonna movies will show.


Search By Music Artist
Searching by music artist will return a list of music artists that satisfy your search terms. To assist you identify an artist a list of associated titles is displayed adjacent to each artist. Click on the artist name to view all the music items available for that artist.

Search By Music Title
Searching by music title will return a list of music items with your search terms in the title. Click on a title to see its details.
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The DVD search is a general search. The search result will return a list of DVD items where a match is made against the DVD Title, Artist, Actor or Director.

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The Game search matches on a Game title only.

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CE product searches operate in the same way as CD/DVD/game title searches. Simply enter the model name and click Go! for results. Results will be listed and you will be able to click the images to take you to the item page. Model names can be difficult at times due to differences in letter spacing and hyphens between websites.
If you cannot find your model at first attempt, please retry with a partial model name and make sure “Electronics” is selected in the dropdown menu. Failing this, you may be able to find your model by just entering the manufacturer and scrolling through the results, although this is not recommended for common brands.
As an alternative to searching, try browsing to your item via the top category tabs and then using the subcategory menus on the left hand side of the page. Feel free to drop our Support Team an email if you have any problems locating your CE item.  


You can click the ‘Options’ text to the right of the search box to refine your search further, via “All”, “Title”, “Artist”, “Song Title”, “Catalogue Number”, or “Barcode”.

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Search results are presented in a default order. For example, music titles are automatically ordered by Title A-Z, and DVDs listed by Most Popular. However, most search results allow you to order results by an alternative method. To order by an alternative, just select that option and the search results are automatically re-sorted.

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