Panasonic HN6001 Indoor Camera Kit 

Panasonic HN6001 Indoor Camera Kit Easy and Simple Setup, Long Range by DECT, No Monthly Safety Fees, 3 Way Detection (Motion / Sound / Temperature)

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Key Features

Includes one hub and indoor camera

Requirements:A wireless router with the internet connection; iOS 6.0 or later, or Android 4.0 or later

Long Range
DECT wireless technology for a longer range than Wi-Fi and 2.4GHz FHSS technology. Easy wireless installation even in remote locations.

No Monthly Safety Fees
Simply purchase and set-up the hardware, there are no monthly fees like other security services

Easy Wi-Fi Setup
Easy registration to a Wi-Fi router. Setup can be performed from a smartphone without the need to start a PC

One Push Pairing
When additional optional devices are purchased, they can be easily registered with a single button.

3 Way Detection (Motion / Sound / Temperature)
The camera can send notification in 3 ways when the camera’s microphone detects sound - when the camera’s ambient temperature is too cold or too hot, or when the camera’s visual sensor detects motion.

Select Detection Area
You can adjust which areas of the camera image are monitored with motion detection. This allows you to ignore motion in certain areas of the camera’s image, for example pets moving around a baby bed. Grey areas of the camera image indicate areas for which image sensitivity is disabled.

Notification by Landline Call
When the system’s sensors are triggered, such as when motion is detected or when a window or door is opened, the system can send a notification to call a pre-programmed phone number (such as your mobile phone or work phone) and play a message to alert you to the situation. The phone number where the notification is sent can be easily set-up on a smartphone, without needing to start up a PC.

Quad-View on Smartphone or Tablet
You can register up to 4 cameras* to the system. By opening the camera list, you can view a small preview of each camera’s image and confirm each camera’s connection and recording status. Up to 4 cameras can record at the same time.
*An optional indoor camera or outdoor camera is required to register the second and subsequent cameras.

Recording Video with Motion Detection
You can use home control programmes to record images* when a sensor built in to an indoor camera is triggered. You can check how and when a babysitter comes to take care of your baby. Monitor and record your pets as well when you are out of the home.
*A commercially-available micro SD / micro SDHC card is required to use the camera recording features.

2 Way Communication
Tap and hold the Voice icon while viewing live camera images. The audio from your mobile device’s microphone is played through the camera’s speaker until you release your finger.

Night Vision
If there is not adequate light to illuminate the subject, such as at night, the camera automatically switches to the night vision mode* and images can be checked up to 6m (20 ft) away, even in dark areas.
* When the night vision mode is active, colours may appear different from normal.

Play 5 Lullabies
You can play a lullaby using the camera’s built-in speaker. Five different lullabies can be remotely set from a smartphone.
1. Brahm's Lullaby
2. Mozart's Cradle Song
3. Traumerei (Schumann)
4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
5. Chopin's Cradle Song

Smartphone Connect for Home Phones
Your smartphone becomes your home phone. Make and receive calls through your landline using your smartphone or tablet while you are relaxing at home. Up to 4 smartphones or tablets*2 can use the

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